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Gravitta searches, selects and analyzes business opportunities for its customers. Then launches success-oriented business operations through:

• Partners location.
• Opportunities for public and private business reports.
• Assistance in documentation and bids set-up to participate on public/private negotiations.
• Updates on legislative changes which directly affects the customer’s businesses or future investments.
• Competitors Reports (main business and commercial movements).
• Country Risk, Trade and Investment Barriers Reports.
• Tax and Legal Immigration Advice.


Gravitta advises companies, institutions or individuals who are interested in Colombia and Latin America. Providing the bridges they may need to effectively minimize project risks in markets of their interest, providing advice through the following services:

• External Geopolitical Risk Reports.
• Conjuncture Reports.
• Country Risk Reports.
• Study of political, legal and social situation.
• Advisory on corporate, institutional and government relationships.


It is a safety-oriented and corporate intelligence service that pursues to provide updated and verified information, to make high-risk decisions through:

• Advice on personal and corporate security policies.
• Business Intelligence Service.
• Research and conflict solving.
• Corporate Risk Management.

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